“La Bella Figura” or “making the best of what you have” is a phrase that best defines our approach to Manor Farm. We are custodians of a beautiful home and farm and take a sympathetic, sensitive, and slow approach to restoration and farming. We started the project 10 years ago by replanting old hedgerows and woods, restoring ancient orchards and constructing a lake for wildlife. At the same time we researched how to tackle the farmhouse and it’s outbuildings using original materials such as lime plasters, breathable paints and elm. Bit by bit all the pieces came together, the foundations for the farm, a self sufficient small holding stocked with rare breeds more suitable to extensive rather than intensive farming and growing fruit and vegetables. Each decision we make is linked in some way, for example, the planting of wild flowers, lime trees and replanting of the orchards were all done with our honey bees in mind.

We have found ourselves increasingly interested in this approach and enjoy the self sufficiency of putting our own food on our table. Not only do the cows and sheep provide meat, but also fleece, wool and rugs. Along with beef and lamb, we provide honey, eggs, juice (pear and apple), vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, to a few local restaurants, also seasonal vegetable boxes to local residents.

While not technically organic, we do farm ethically and only our own manure is used on the fields and gardens. We have offset part of our carbon footprint by planting over 5000 trees and whips. We generate enough electricity to offset our own use for both the farm and house and use ground source heating for our coach house.