Manor Farm extends to approximately 75 acres of predominately permanent pasture and is grazed by our pedigree herd of Ruby Red Devon cattle and flock of Jacob sheep. A 1960’s Massey Ferguson tractor, carries out most of our day to day work, topping, harrowing and rolling and all our hay and haylage is made on the farm.

The Ruby Red’s are good natured, easy to calve, over wintered outside and delicious, producing a marbling, texture, flavour and tenderness that is difficult to beat. The balance of fat and meat is a vital factor in flavour and unlike modern breeds, they naturally lay down intra-muscular fat in the meat which produces wonderful marbled beef.  Our Cattle skins are sent to Italy to be tanned and make excellent rugs.

The Jacob sheep is prolific with 190% a realistic lambing percentage, the breed is noted for it’s easy lambing and good mothering qualities and many will successfully produce enough milk to produce triplets without resorting to supplementary feeding. They are hardy, over wintered outside and attract few disease and foot problems, their exceptional full flavour and leanness is retained even in hogget carcasses. They also produce high quality wool which is excellent for spinning and weaving. The unique colour of the wool makes every garment or woven item individual and the tanned sheep skins make very desirable rugs  .

We sell all the beef and lamb locally, either direct to the butcher or from the farm along with geese, duck, chicken and bantam eggs. Our Maran, Exchequer, Cotswold Legbar and Sussex Speckeldy chickens and Milfleur bantam are free range, fed on wheat, cracked maze, layers pellets and sunflower hearts (which are rich in Omega 3) and produce a variety of rich yoked, coloured eggs.

  • 70 acres pastureland
  • pedigree herd of Ruby Red cattle
  • pedigree flock of Jacob sheep
  • 1960’s Massey Ferguson tractor
  • Emden and Chinese Geese
  • Maran, Exchequer, Cotswold Legbar, Sussex Speckedly chickens and Milfleur Bantams
  • Indian runner and call ducks
  • Bees