At the heart of the gardens at Manor Farm, is the kitchen garden which changes constantly throughout the year. We work it hard with successional sowings and rotating crops, but we feed in well with our own manure and compost. We also have fun with it, building ever more elaborate temporary structures, cupolas, obelisks and walkways to carry summer climbing crops and we incorporate lots of edible flowers as companion plants so it is beautiful and interesting as well as productive. During the summer we have an abundance of produce that is sold to local restaurants and also makes up weekly seasonal vegetable, herb and edible flower boxes which are delivered to local residents.

We have a noticeably exuberant cut flower bed but otherwise the rest of the planting is fairly simple, block planting in specific areas and a formal herb garden edged in box. There are some curious corners too, sedum roofs on the stables and dog kennel, grass sofas under the fruit trees and architectural built structures dotted about from scrap wood and stumps that have accumulated around the farm. A painted gypsy caravan is brought out in the summer, with it’s camp fires and outdoor cooking it provides entertainment and fun.

  • lawn lined with hornbeam trees
  • wild flower garden
  • semi walled vegetable garden
  • potting shed
  • greenhouse
  • herb garden with sundial
  • drive lined with lime trees
  • old painted Gypsy caravan