It’s been said that in the 1960’s Manor Farm produced some of the best cider in Somerset, but sadly in the 1990’s the outbuildings and apple press fell into disrepair and cider production was stopped. In recent years we have restored the early 19th century apple press and started to make single variety apple juice, apple and pear juice and and cider once again. We have 5 acres of cider apple orchards producing over 10 tons of apples a year . The orchards are stocked with many old varieties including Tom Putts, Slack ma Girdle , Dabinett’s, Morgan Sweet and Somerset Redstreak. Despite heavy pruning, many of these old trees have blown down in recent year so we have started a program of replanting mainly with single variety apple juice in mind. We have planted over 120 new trees, with bittersharp and sharp varieties such as Kingston Black’s, Browns, Stembridge Cluster and Porters Perfection.

The Orchards also have an abundant supply of English Mistletoe and we harvest the female plants at Christmas selling to buyers locally and across the south of England. The trees are a haven for wildlife and in particular we see a lot of little owls.

Closer to the house we have a home orchard, producing eating apples that crop from July to December, cooking apples, cherries, crab apples, medlars, pears and quinces. Separately another orchard/nuttery produces cob nuts, walnuts, almonds, and is stocked with olive trees and perry pears.

The orchards and their blossom, provide an excellent site for our beehives, the bees flourishing on apple blossom, wild flowers, clover, lime trees and the honey has a distinct taste of that lime. A larch clad lambing shed ensures our Jacob lambs start their lives in the best possible spring surroundings.

  • .5 of an acre of home orchard with eating apples, cooking apples, cherries, crab apples, medlars, pears and quinces
  • 4.5 acres of old apple orchards of mixed cider apple trees including Tom Putts, Slack ma Girdle and Dabinett’s and full of English mistletoe.
  • 120 newly planted Kingston Black, Browns and Stembridge Cluster apple trees
  • Beehives
  • larch boarded lambing shed